Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Pin Cupcakes

Picture and recipe for Lime Cupcakes from Whisk Kid

I pin, do you? I have no idea what I did with my spare time before I discovered Pinterest. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard were I can collect all the beautiful, fun, creative, and delicious things I find on the web. In the past I would print, save, or bookmark cupcake recipes and now I have one place to keep all of my favorites.

On Pinterest you can browse through pins created by other people or you can create your own. If you browse through the millions of pins already on Pinterest you can discover new ideas and be inspired to try new things. Pins are pictures (or quotes) and if there is a how-to or recipe just click on the picture to get the web address. You can create categories for all of your pins. I have 16 different categories, including; things I want to make, places I want to go, things I love, styles I love, ideas for my little one, cupcakes (of course), and more.

There are so many cupcake recipes on Pinterest. So, if you are looking for beautiful photos along with delicious cupcake recipes, Pinterest is the place to find them and keep them organized.

You can follow my cupcakes and cake pops pinboard (and my other boards that interest you), here. Happy Pinning!

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