Sunday, February 27, 2011

Utah Cupcakes At The Oscar's!

Today while watching Megan from The Sweet Tooth Fairy on QVC she announced that Cake Bites were going to be in the swag bags for the stars at the Academy Awards tonight. Can you believe it? They have really hit the big time! They have been on QVC twice and also featured on Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Outrageous Kid Parties.

Back to QVC, The Sweet Tooth Fairy was on earlier this month for the first time and is already a top rated seller. She was invited back to be "In The Kitchen With David" today and David couldn't say enough good things about Cake Bites. The 2200 orders of Cake Bites (36 per order) she offered today sold out within five minutes.

By the way, the episode of Outrageous Kid Parties that features The Sweet Tooth Fairy will re-air tomorrow night (February 28) on TLC (Look for the Disco Pirate Party).

I know I talk about The Sweet Tooth Fairy A LOT. And I know I follow her where ever she goes. That doesn't make me a stalker, right? I'm just very much in love.

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