Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Swirly Girls Gourmet Bakery

The newest cupcakery, Swirly Girls Gourmet Bakery, can be found at Daybreak on Soda Row. They make gourmet cupcakes, cake bite truffles, and lots of other fancy desserts and pastries. My Mom and I went and checked it out ("stalked it" as we call it) the day before their grand opening and to our surprise they were having a soft opening. I have to mention how cute this place is decorated. They have cute little tables and even a tiny table for the kiddies.

I got a red velvet cupcake and a cake bite truffle. Did I mention all of their cupcakes are filled? Well, they are. You'll have to take a drive to Daybreak and check it out. You can also find them on facebook.

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