Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mail Order Cupcakes

There are several places you can order cupcakes from that will mail them directly to your door. Godiva (shown above),  Williams-Sonoma (made by Perfect Endings from Napa Valley, CA), and Georgetown Cupcake to name a few. The shipping and handling fees can be a little steep because most require special handling and overnight shipping. Recently I ordered a dozen Georgetown Cupcakes for my Mom's Birthday and Retirement. They arrived the next day and they were in great condition. They were frozen and then shipped with ice packs to keep them cool. I just put them on the counter to thaw for a couple of hours before we enjoyed them. They were very fresh and delicious. I think they were worth spending $25 for shipping for. I am planning on trying the Williams-Sonoma cupcakes next - I will let you know how they are.

Note: Don't forget to search for coupon codes before ordering online. My friend searched "Georgetown Cupcake Coupon Code" and found a code for 15% off.

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